Moving House? – 5 Reasons to Declutter First!

Debbie Gobbett, June 18 2019

Faster Sale – decluttering will help your house appear bigger and more appealing. Try to depersonalise your rooms as much as possible by removing family photos, notice boards and kids artwork. Potential buyers need to be able to imagine their furniture and belongings in your house and they can’t do that, if it’s full of your clutter. The RealHome.c...

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Brand Revamp!

Debbie Gobbett, June 5 2019

Our mission and our vision has not changed... we are still determined to: ·      Deliver creative video & photographic content ·      Deliver a Wow! Service ·      Create authentic connections with clients ·      Exceed customer expectations

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Why home buyers love a 3D Showcase

Debbie Gobbett, April 26 2019

We have a new fabulous piece of kit in our real estate photography tool box - the Matterport!  This amazing piece of technology allows us to come and photograph a property in a matter of hours and produce an incredible high resolution 3D Scan of your property, allowing potential buyers to literally walk through the space online (or even with a VR H...

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Wedding Photographer Berkshire

5 Biggest Wedding Day Regrets

Debbie Gobbett, March 25 2019

We were married over 20 years ago now, and have been in the wedding industry for just a little bit longer! Looking back at our wedding day, whilst it was an absolutely awesome day and definitely counts up there as the best-day-of-our-lives, there are a few things we definitely would change now with the wedding industry insider-knowledge that we hav...

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Web Videos

Why hire a professional when I can film my website video and social media content myself?

Debbie Gobbett, March 21 2019

In the past, hiring a professional video production team to create your website and social media video content has been something you'd have to seriously work into your marketing budget and usually at a very high cost. Filming, editing and video production required specialised equipment and expertise.  Now, with iPhones and GoPros providing pretty...

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Property Marketing

Why Hire a Professional to take your Property Photography?

Derek Gobbett, March 15 2019

We have been in the Property Marketing game for 5 years now and it still surprises us how many High Street Real Estate Agents are using their own photographs to try and sell or rent a home.  The online estate agents, we understand, as the primary goal of sellers selling their homes online is to save costs...

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Wedding Photographer Berkshire

Reasons to Hire a Husband and Wife Photo & Video Team

Derek Gobbett, March 14 2019

It's no mystery... marriage is a partnership. Encouraging and supporting one another is a huge part of our work.  Not only do we have our own strengths, but we also have and know each other's weaknesses and how to serve one another - something main shooters and second shooters may not have in common. Strong communication and planning in advance are...

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Film Producer

New Producer on board!

Derek Gobbett, November 27 2018

We are so excited to have teamed up with BAFTA nominated, and Emmy Award winner, Mandy Temple of Mandy Temple Films. Mandy is going to be producing a couple of films which we are filming and editing in the coming months and are delighted with our exciting new partnership. Together we are looking forward to telling some captivating stories and helpi...

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