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Press Play Online created a video we are thrilled with and which is proving to be an invaluable marketing tool for promoting our business to prospective clients

Tanya Buckley
Owner, Kingfisher Lodge

With online video fast becoming a key means for potential customers to satisfy their information needs, it is imperative for businesses of all types and sizes to include video in their internet marketing strategy. We are a photo & video production company based in Berkshire, however we are happy to travel anywhere in the UK and, if you have a project abroad, we are very happy travellers!

We have experience with big business, small business, travel business and NGO’s and we would love to video YOUR business!

We are the go to team if you want your business to have more leads, more sales, and to stand out from the crowd!


We are a photo & video production company - we can fly too!

What we do

Corporate & Training Videos & Events

From capturing a conference, introducing your team on the web, developing corporate training videos, enhancing your marketing strategy, or simply promoting your business, we can showcase the story you are telling. Incentive travel trips? We are only too happy to travel and show off what your top sales team won by hitting their targets!

Brand  and Small Business Videos

Showing off your brand is what we do best! "Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room" as said by Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon. Let us help show off your brand with a video of distinction showing your point of difference. Remember that emotionally compelling brands are more successful! Luckily, we are pretty emotional story-tellers!

Aerial Photography & Video‍‍‍

We are fully licensed by the CAA to capture your business with spectacular results from a birds' eye view and adding a new dimension to your project! Great for golf course marketing - tee-to-green, and construction companies‍ looking for promotional content, site videos and progress reports.


Showcase your‍ school - show potential students and their parents why your school is the right choice for them. Or if you simply wish to offer them a professional video fo your school production or special event, we can do that too!

NGO's and Charities

Are you in need of an emotive video that will tell your story and help you raise funds for your charity? We have years of experience in storyboarding and filming (and in the process helping raise a lot of money) for hospices, social care and charities.

Property Photography & Video

We have worked with a host of real estate agents, big and small helping to showcase the homes they have for sale or rent with outstanding marketing photography for their online portfolios and brochures, as well as offering a video walkthrough service.

Our 2017 Showreel shows the variety of our client's businesses and a glimpse into a day in the life of Press Play Online!      It's all in the edit!

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